About DISC Business Park

The Project

The so-called "Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus" (DISC) is a proposed 200-acre mixed use business park located on 200 acres of prime farmland outside the Mace Curve.  The property is approximately 2.5 miles east of Downtown Davis in unincorporated Yolo County and is subject to a Measure J/R vote.  It would be twice the size of the recent Cannery development. If Measure B is approved, annexation into the City could proceed and the project will be developed with a proposed 2.6 Million sq ft of commercial space total including:

- 1.51 million sq ft of office and R&D space

- 884,000 sq ft of manufacturing space

- 100,000 sq ft of retail space

- 160,000 of hotel and meeting space.

The project will also include 850 medium density housing units with a average density of 30 units per acre including a combination of apartments and attached single-family homes. Developers have not included any sort of mechanism for ensuring that housing will be occupied by employees at the site, so on-site housing may do very little to mitigate traffic.  Furthermore, they have not provided any information about likely tenants, so occupancy (what sort of businesses, or how much interest there will be in locating there) is completely unknown. 

DISC Project Location