About DISC Business Park

The Project

The so-called "Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus" (now dubbed "DiSC 2022") is a 102-acre mixed use business park. It will be constructed on prime farmland just north of I-80, the Ikeda fruit stand, and the City water tank, and just east of Mace Blvd.  The property is approximately 2.5 miles from Downtown Davis in unincorporated Yolo County and is subject to a Measure J/R vote.  It is larger than the size of the recent Cannery development and by far the largest proposed commercial development in Davis history.  In November 2020, an earlier version of the project was defeated handily at the polls. Now the developers are back with the DiSC 2022 proposal and the City Council’s blessing.


If the Measure J/R vote is approved, annexation into the City can proceed and the project will be developed with a proposed 1.34 Million sq ft of commercial space total, including

  • 550,000 sq ft of office and R&D

  • 550,000 sq ft of manufacturing

  • 80,000 sq ft of retail

  • 160,000 sq ft of hotel and meeting space with 150 rooms.

TThe project will also include 460 housing units: 65% apartments and 35% attached single-family homes. The permitted height of apartment buildings would be 6-7 stories (85 feet).

The developers originally promised that the DiSC housing would primarily be occupied by employees working at the business park in order to mitigate traffic and carbon emissions. But they reneged on that promise and the housing units will instead be occupied by the highest bidders.

Furthermore, the developers have not provided any information about likely commercial tenants. The permitted uses for DiSC are very broad and there is no guarantee that they can attract and retain high- tech or "green" businesses as promised.

This is a "flypaper project" – throw up some buildings and see what it attracts and what will stick. Perhaps it isn't by accident that the developers are now using a small 'i' in DiSC because there is truly nothing "innovative" to see here.

DISC Project Location

The following map was downloaded from the City's website https://www.cityofdavis.org/city-hall/community-development-and-sustainability/development-projects_ 2-17-22 showing future projects under consideration into which we inserted blue-highlighted text and lines to illustrate Major Development Projects - In Process or Under Review or for future consideration.

Mace Curve Map Showing New Projects (w Blue Add-Ons).png