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Traffic Incubator

"You want this to be the most sustainable, innovative tech campus in the United States. But you have come to us with a car-dominated, auto-centric proposal on the edge of town, far from the capitol corridor station, not linked to good transit, with huge parking lots and parking structures…"

Davis Planning Commissioner, February 26, 2020

12,000 Cars

added to Mace traffic every day causing gridlock
(DiSC EIR addendum)

313,000 sq. ft.

of existing commercial
space in Davis projected to become vacant
(DiSC Supplemental EIR)

4.5 %  

Increase to the Davis carbon footprint

(Disc Supplemental Addendum)

20,000 metric tons 

of new Carbon emissions into the atmosphere each year

(DiSC EIR addendum)


parking spaces

(DiSC EIR addendum)


Massive Traffic Gridlock 

No Plan
to Mitigate Traffic


Unmitigated Environmental Disaster

DISC will Cannibalize Existing Businesses in Davis that are Already Hurting


Financial Projections are
Questionable or Misleading

We Cannot Trust our City Staff and Council to Protect Us from Rapacious and Predatory Developers


Critical Farmland, Habitat, and
our Last Views of the Sierra and Sacramento Skyline will be Lost

A Yes Vote Gives the Developer Lucrative Entitlements with Almost No Guaranteed Baseline Features In Many Critical Areas

affordable 2.jpg

The Project Will Exacerbate the Housing Shortage in the Davis Area

The Demand for Sprawling Business Park Offices is Plummeting

2019-12-09-ARC-Ground ViewRendering crop.png

The Scale of the DISC Business Park is Way Too Large for a
Small College Town Like Davis

About DiSC

Get Involved !
Help Stop DISC!


Contribute to the grassroots campaign to save Davis from this aggressively car centric peripheral expansion.


Join the grassroots campaign to preserve farmland and prevent commercial vacancies and blight in central Davis. 
Help stop DISC.

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